PVAc Resins

PVAc (Polyvinyl Acetate) Resins are a general purpose base for Wood glue, Packaging applications, Bookbinding, Spiral tube winding, Bags, Food packaging carton/box sealing, Folding box, Overlap seam glue, Tipping glue for Cigarette industries, Various paper filters, Textile laminating, Plastic and glass bottle labeling and etc.



Our Shomapol® is incredibly strong with excellent adhesion products that are Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersions Resins which are primary for manufacturing Wood glue, Carton sheet making industries, White glue and also widely used in many industrial and consumer end-use applications.

Homopolymer Resins

For woodworking, Leather, Paper, Textile Finishing, Cardboard construction, Printing and Publishing , Carton and Boxes, Tobacco Industries

PVAc DispersionsTsViscosityApplications
Shomapol H100049-51400-600Manufacturing of paper adhesive and wood glues
Shomapol H115049-51350-500Textile finishing, Binder for non wovens
Shomapol H125051-53350-550Back coating of machine made carpets
Shomapol H120052-54200-300Binder for indoor plastic paints
Copolymer Resins

For Paint manufacturers, Economical natural Fiber Coating for Indoor and Outdoor, Excellent adhesion and excellent flexibility

PVAc DispersionsTsViscosityApplications
Shomapol C220049-51100-300Indoor & Outdoor emulsion paint, Wall textured coating
Shomapol C225052-5420-50Indoor & Outdoor emulsion paint, Wall textured coating