PVAc Emulsion Based Adhesives



Our Shomatack® is strong and flexible with great adhesion and often called White Glue that are Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Based, They find uses in Wood working, Bookbinding, Bonding Paper, Carton & Box closing or edging, Tobacco Industries and other applications.

چسب چوب

Shomatack SH-600

Our Shomatack® SH-600 is the FIRST STANDARD Wood glue in Iran.

چسب سفید

Shomal White Glue

Our Shomatack® white glue has 3 different sizes for different uses. Suitable for Wood working, Handcrafting, Home use, Office and Schools.

چسب سفید فیکسوباند

Fixoband White Glue

Our Shomatack® Fixoband® is a multi-purpose white glue which makes bonding stronger and much quicker. Ideal for Handcrafting, Wood working and general purposes in Home, Office and School.

چسب چوب وفا

Shomatack Vafa

Our Shomatack® Vafa® is a cost-effective PVAc Wood Glue. 

چسب چوب خزر

Shomatack Khazar

Our Shomatack® Khazar® is our Wood glue for exporting to other countries such as neighbours.

Shomatack SH-1003-4Bookbinding
Shomatack SH-2003-4Laminating Paper to PVC and other Plastic's (PE,PET,PP)
Shomatack SH-3023-4Fast setting carton/box closing
Shomatack SH-3086-7Carton/Box closing
Shomatack SH-3116-7Folding boxes, Overlap seam glue
Shomatack SH-3126-7Overlap seam edge glue
Shomatack SH-V3193-4Cardboard glue
Shomatack SH-3254-5Carton sealant layer adhesive
Shomatack SH-3806-7Tobacco industries (White appearance, More Solidity, Lower Viscosity)
Shomatack Panel6-7Tobacco industries (Clear appearance, Lower Solidity, More Viscosity)
Shomatack SH-4126-7Car Filter manufacturing
Shomatack SH-6004-5Wood glue
Shomatack Vafa6-7Wood glue
Shomatack Khazar6-7Wood glue for Exporting to other countries
Shomatack White Glue3-4Home, Office, School, Wood working, Handcrafting
Shomatack SH-7253-4Plastic bottle labeling (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)
Shomatack SH-8056-7Textile Laminating (For sport shoes interline)