Hot Melt Adhesives and Coatings

Hot Melt adhesives are 100% solid, Thermoplastic material which become fluid upon heating. The bonding is achieved with small pressure and effectively completed in a few seconds. Hot Melts introduced as a fast-setting, easy to handle system that could be used to adhere a variety of substrates.


Our Shomamelt® products are engineered and optimized for a strong bonding solution and has a versatile range of hot melt adhesives that take care of wide range of substrates and services.

چسب حرارتی تفنگی هات‌ملت
Hot Melt Glue Sticks

We offer in 7mm and 11mm diameter sizes with 20cm and 27cm long.
(Can be customized for your company’s need)

کیسه چسب حرارتی ۲۰ کیلویی
Hot Melt Glue Bag / Pillow

We offer in 20kg bag or small pillow forms for your manufacturing line or service.

Shomamelt CH-2071, CH-2073Pressure Sensitive for Diapers, Sanitary Napkins industry, Medical gowns, Pad and All non-woven materials
Shomamelt CH-5000Edge bonding for low to medium speed automatic machines, No drying time is needed
Shomamelt CH-6057Glue gun Sticks for bonding wooden furniture, Making and repair toys, Handicraft and Home uses, Gift packaging and General purpose use
Shomamelt CH-6058, CH-6059For cigarettes Filter industry and Boxes
Shomamelt CH-6080 SeriesCarpet Tape (Tailor-made)
Shomamelt CH-8065Carton and Case sealing, Packaging industries for all machines and manual use, Straw attachment to Tetra Pak and other drink cartons
Shomamelt CH-8068Shopping bags, Paper bags and Edge assembly
Shomamelt CH-9000 SeriesBookbinding and Coated Papers for both automatic and manual machines